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We Inspire 11

We Inspire 11

4 X Jess, mitt fjerde bilde publisert i et internasjonalt fotomagasin.

Photography is the most popular topic nowadays, and it’s absolutely something that will never be exhausted since there are so many moments in our lives, places, themes to be covered. Photography is taking different direction in everyone’s life

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. Photographers are exploiting technological advances to produce stunning images and sharing them with a world, but that’s not enough in every case. Education plays an important part if you want to take photography any further. There are plenty of workshops with excellent teachers, who will provide you with the best tool; knowledge. We highly recommend browsing Camerapixo website photography resources, which are most wanted information by photographers. Here you can find interviews, workshops, gear, before and after tutorials, photography books and more photography related information and products. (camerapixo)